VDQ-NRG Systems Inc. is an innovative clean technology company, repurposing landfill waste into alternative energy sources and valuable byproducts, with a focus on being environmentally sustainable and economically viable.

Backed with applied science and a fresh approach to an old problem, we stand out by providing the first cost-effective solution to the problem of landfill waste. VDQ-NRG believes that Canada can do better, so we have set out on a mission to replace the outdated waste management practices that are impacting our world.

This is where VDQ-NRG comes in. Our purpose is to improve our communities, to protect the environment, and to find a better solution to the problems facing waste management. We will drastically reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills by processing up to 90% of the landfill waste into energy and industrial materials using thermo-chemical technology. 

A strategic marketing and partnership plan is utilized, allowing communities to partner on an environmentally sustainable waste solution. The accountability-focused structure of the company ensures value for everyone. Partner cities will benefit from revenue, added jobs and a reduction in greenhouse gases.    

The vision of VDQ-NRG is to improve people’s lives. Using technology to convert problems into beneficial solutions. By focusing on sustainability and commercialization we will create local development. Ensuring continued research will keep the technology on the cutting edge. We are a company where integrity is valued, engineering and innovation is celebrated, growth of ideas are encouraged. 




VDQ-NRG is the vision of its founder, Peter Voldeng, P. Eng.

  • Innovative engineer with a background in business, manufacturing, technology, agriculture, water systems and construction.
  • Executive business knowledge, from start-up to successful growth to liquidating assets.
  • Expertise in product development
  • Strong engineering understanding of industrial, commercial and municipal infrastructure systems.
  • Member of the Board of Directors of Biofuelnet.  Sits on the finance and audit committee.



Chief Operations Officer, Co-Founder


  • Experienced entrepreneur, including start-up, development, operation, and processes 
  • Experienced in Board Governance 
  • Chair of several boards for industry and government
  • operations management, administration, and human resources
  • Civil Engineering degree



Vice President, Co-Founder


  • 8 years experience in the waste/recycling industry as a Heavy Equipment/Truck Technician
  • Advanced electrical and hydraulic control systems experience
  • Installation and programming of electronic control and network systems



Vice President of Strategy


  • Responsible to lead and drive the business development
  • Over 40 years sales and sales management experience
  • Extensive knowledge of sales processes and techniques
  • Work experience in Canada, North Africa, and Asia
  • Creator of The Profit Habit sales system



Chief Financial Officer


  • Accomplished Senior Executive, Entrepreneur, Consultant and Advisor
  • Over 30 years experience assisting over 100 CA firms
  • Former Professor of Accounting, Auditing, Taxation, and Tax-Sessional – University of Guelph-Humber
  • Has worked as a member of the senior financial team in the areas of Automotive, Aerospace, Mining and Insurance



Research Engineer


  • Graduated in 2021 from the University of Saskatchewan with a degree in Chemical Engineering with a concentration in biochemistry
  • Over 2 years of laboratory experience, working with specialized machinery and running their own projects
  • Over 1 year in the field of agricultural research, with most of that time being in the discipline of Good Laboratory Practices.


Nigel Carvalho

Business Development Agent


  • Owner of Global Site Solutions Inc, a Vancouver British Columbia Canada based company that provides Infrastructure Solutions in conjunction with strategic alliance manufacturing partners
  • Caribbean roots in the Oil & Gas Drilling and Production Sector of Trinidad & Tobago
  • Global experience in remote habitat infrastructure with Government, NGO’s and the Private Industrial Sector